Joplin Loves Kids

February 16, 2013
Joplin turns into a pile of goo.

Joplin turns into a pile of goo.

Joplin loves kids. It isn’t that she doesn’t like adults but if given a choice kids win out every time. It makes me wonder about her life experiences before landing in Cleveland Animal Control. When she first came to me in September she would hit the ground and close her eyes if she saw me even┬ámove my arm. It made me cringe. This girl must have been hit.

When she meets an adult she is very timid with a low tail wag, head turned slightly to the side and a occassional lip lick until she knows that they are safe. Then she instantly becomes a lap dog. Yet, when she sees a child she turns into a pile of goo. She wants nothing more than to be with them.

The adults she encountered may have not showed her love but a child certainly did. They are safe. Now to find that perfect family so Joplin can have a child of her own.

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