A Crossover Dog…

August 10, 2013

“A Crossover Dog” was a note I originally wrote on facebook several years ago. When dogs are given the opportunity to “color outside the lines” amazing things can happen!

“This morning I got together with a friend to train. She has just recently crossed over into positive reinforcement and clicker training. So now she is in the process of retraining her Dane for Utility. Well, this morning I was helping her break down the “go-out” exercise and I was going to click/treat as the dog made it across the ring.

Well, you could see the fear and stress all over this dog as she approached my end of the ring. She was afraid it was a correction set-up. As soon as she heard the click she continued down to the gate, got the treat and was released. We did it again, and this time she made it almost all the way to the ring gate, c/t and release. The third time she came all the way down to the ring gate, a little faster, and her head a little higher up. C/T and release. This time upon releasing her the dog jumped up in the air, and danced around the ring with her head held high and a big bounce in her step! It was amazing! My friend called her back and sent her one more time. This time she galloped across the ring, touched the ring gate, turned, sat, c/t, jackpot, release and we all danced around the ring!

It was thrilling to see the moment when it all clicked for this girl! We stopped right after that and the Dane pranced out of the building with her head held high. Kudos to her owner for realizing what she had been doing to her dog and making the big step of crossing over!”


Food Bribes

October 4, 2012

A new client asked me the following question this weekend.  “Isn’t clicker training just using food bribes?”.

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Simple Associations

July 9, 2012

We all make associations.  Go to a restaurant and find a hair on your plate. What comes to mind the next time you think of that restaurant or even that particular food?

What about the associations we make with a particular smell or food from our past? White Shoulders perfume makes me think of one of my grandmothers. Buckwheat pancakes and Collies make me think of my other grandmother. These are wonderful, feel good associations.

Just as we make associations so do our dogs. Dogs are constantly making associations. It is part of the learning process. Unlike us, where some of our associations can be complicated, dogs tend to make very direct simple associations. Read the rest of this entry »

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