I Was A Criminal

October 19, 2013


I was a criminal. For five short weeks I harbored a vicious dog. What made her vicious? What unspeakable acts had humans done to her to make her so dangerous? What terrible acts of violence had she unleashed to earn this designation?

Well, nothing actually. Diva was a lovely sweet and funny little dog that got along with my friends, family, dogs and was even a buddy to my cats. Diva’s only crime was the way she looked.

By her looks she was deemed to be some kind of Pitbull mix. A little “pocket” Pittie of about 35 pounds. She was picked up as a stray by a county dog warden. That county did not allow Pitbull and Pitbull type dogs to be adopted out. So they needed to find a rescue. A friend contacted me to see if I could help and I said I would contact a rescue I do training for and see if they could help.

Somehow something got lost in translation and she was on her way to my home. I couldn’t say “no” as I wanted to see her safe. The rescue was waiting for a foster home to open up so she stayed with me for five weeks.

You see, in the town I live in she is deemed vicious based soley on the way she looks. To keep her legally I would have had to register her with the city as a vicious dog, baught liability insurance, put a sign on my house, etc.

Without registering her I was in danger of being caught and facing the criminal charge of harboring a vicious dog. So for five short weeks I was a criminal.


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