Wordless Wednesday: Adopted Pets Rock!


Our friend, Jett, who is still in search of his forever home.

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13 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Adopted Pets Rock!

  1. BoingyDog says:

    I hope Jett finds his home soon!

  2. Yes, they rock indeed!

  3. Hey Jett – good luck finding a home soon. You’re a handsome guy, it should be pretty easy.

  4. He is a handsome boy. I’ve read that black dogs are harder to get adopted. Do you think that is why Jett hasn’t found a home yet? Or is there some other reason?

    • lchaimcanine says:

      I definitely believe it is black dog syndrome. With Pitties and Pittie mixes blues, light brindles, white with cow spots of any color fly out the door. He is the only one that has been with them that long.

  5. FleaByte says:

    Jett is a beauty. Paws crossed!

  6. Oh Jett, we really hope you find a loving family soon. You are a handsome devil. We’ll tweet straight away!

  7. DoggyMom.com says:

    Adopted dogs do rock. My life wouldn’t be the same without Daisy, who joined me almost 10 years ago. I hope Jett finds a home soon.

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